Equine Insurance

Whether you have horses for business or pleasure, ownership can be a substantial investment.  Equine insurance can protect your horse with coverage for major medical and surgical expenses, so you can give them the care they need, when they need it.  And with loss of use or mortality insurance, you can protect yourself from financial loss.  Why not let us help find the coverage that’s best for you…and your horse.
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Farm Insurance

Your farm may be your livelihood, it may be your family home — or it may be a bit of both.  But whatever its purpose, owning a farm presents unique risks that are very different from other commercial or personal properties.  And not every agent or insurance company understands those special risks.  At The Harbin Agency, we have the knowledge and experience to create a plan that suits your farm’s specific needs.  
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General Liability

Do you board horses for others?  Train horses at someone else’s facility?  Give riding instructions, or take your horse to public events?  Do you or your horse participate in racing, rodeos, or other sporting events?   Each of these activities presents distinct risks and liability exposures.  You can count on The Harbin Agency to find the right liability coverage for your circumstances.
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Why Choose Us?

As professional independent agents, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help protect what is important to you.  As experienced equine specialists, we employ a full range of insurance solutions for the equestrian community. We know the horse world, and we are dedicated to protecting your part of it.
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